With a teaching focused on the strengths of each student, the Educational CEDEI  School Unit bases its proposal on a personalized education.

This kind of teaching is characterized by providing a safe environment for children and adolescents, so they can feel free to express their opinions and feelings. At this point, the presence of the adult is essential to accompany and be the pillar that supports the student’s emotional stability.

Being a smaller group, the teacher can recognize the strengths of each student for a higher performance. It also allows the teacher to distinguish their weaknesses so that the students accept them, work with them, and revert into something positive.

Another advantage I find of working with small groups in the CEDEI School is that in this environment the child or adolescent feels inspired to ask questions and to question themselves all the time. To this way, the School organizes various types of activities to stimulate the students’ ability to reflect, investigate and inquire.

Registration for this educational unit are open at the following levels:


-General Basic Education

- Baccalaureate with international vision