Several factors determine the educational excellence that has characterized CEDEI’s English Program during its 24 years of work in Cuenca. One of them is the academic follow up of different areas.

For example, teachers at CEDEI are evaluated each cycle. Through these evaluations, students express their opinions regarding the methods used by the teacher, the material presented, and other topics related to the course.

This is complemented by class observations which are carried out to make sure that teachers are following good classroom methodology. All this provides the necessary information to maintain the positive aspects and implement changes if necessary.

Another important characteristic is the didactic material and the text used by the students at CEDEI. The books cover a determine scope and sequence which allow students to progress through the different aspects of the language. The texts deal with interesting topics and have practical exercise.

Another factor are the workshops given to teachers through each cycle. Thus, CEDEI’s English Program has several qualities that make it an excellent center to learn this language.