Lecturer: Al Jenn Jennings. He is from the United States. He was educated in New York and London. He has his BA in art history and masters in art education. He studied curatorial studies and the art auction business at Sotheby’s in London, England. He worked as assistant director for the art Education department at City College in New York, as well as for galleries and did freelance art purchasing for dealers and private clients. He also taught art in the K-12 education system.

Date: November 17th-18th & 24th-25th         

Schedule: 18:00 a 20:00.

Cost: $25 for all four sessions.

Location: CEDEI, located in El Centro on the corner of Grand Columbia and General Torres.

RSVP: Please confirm your participation by November 16th by calling 2839 003

Description of course:

The course will begin by looking at the past to examine how the previous centuries contributed to the development of 20th Century art in America, a century of art that is not like any other. Everything will change. The 20th century changes the meaning of art for the artist, the patron, society and even economics.

When we look at the 20th century we will look at the art, the artists, the movements, and its local and global influences.  We will examine the motivation of the artist and what makes this century in the United States unique from its past, especially after ww2. We will look at and discuss the fine arts, the decorative arts, architecture and photography.

There will be a specific lecture where we will look at women in the arts, architecture and photography.