August 18th - December 14th – 2016 (dates are approximate and may change each semester)


COST: $14,070.00

Fall Semester Calendar 2016

The Fall Semester in the Andes is unique in combining an extended inter-cultural and language experience in one city – Cuenca, Ecuador – with travel to some of South America's must-see sites: Machu Picchu, the Galapagos islands and the Amazon Rainforest. In addition, the wide range of classes allow students from almost any major to participate, while staying on-track for their major.

The highlight of the course, however, is television journalism. Students have a nearly unprecedented opportunity to learn about, study, and produce internationally-focused content. This experience is invaluable in a world that is moving increasingly towards becoming a global community.




"Simply an amazing experience! Worth every penny! My friend told me her experience abroad was incredible when I told her I was going. I didn´t understand completely until now!"
-Adam Hockensmith, 2005 Fall Semester in the Andes





The Semester in the Andes programs are unique in that they provide a unique study abroad experience in a Spanish-speaking country for students in a wide range of majors. Although the actual course offerings change from year-to-year, every program provides for 12-18 credits, granted from a US university, in diverse areas such as Environmental Education, Business & Marketing, English, Literature, Quechua (an indigenous Andean language), Internships and service learning, History, Journalism, and, of course, Spanish.

The unique academic experience of these programs is coupled with and enhanced by the unrivaled travel. During the 11-12 weeks of the program, students will visit indigenous villages, colonial-era haciendas, teeming cities, mountain parks, jungle communities, pre-Inca ruins, the Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu.

However, perhaps the most important part of the program is the home stay, where students live individually with local families. This allows them to get to know the Ecuadorian culture as no one could ever explain it.

Please follow this link for more information on how to apply for your Fall Semester in the Andes.