CEDEI School has as vision, mission and ideology:.



CEDEI School is orientated around the integral formation of human beings; including the ability to be bilingual, critical and reflective thinkers. We are focused on a multicultural and interdisciplinary viewpoint with a high humanistic perspective and ecological commitment. We provide students with the skills which enable them to adapt their knowledge to ongoing changes in society, based on inquiry and experience.



CEDEI School is growing to provide a full school experience. Within the next 5 years CEDEI School will provide education throughout the entire school experience of a child at all levels: preschool, elementary, middle, and high school. The school is centered around the use of English as instrumental language based on the methodology of constructivism and pedagogical naturalism.


CEDEI School is part of the non-profit organization: FUNDACIÓN CENTRO DE ESTUDIOS INTERAMERICANOS. This corporation contains other programs under the umbrella organization of CEDEI. CEDEI School is one of the programs within the CEDEI family.